Saturday, August 31, 2013

2013 August Update

Robert & Damaris Lankford
Greer, SC 29650
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In Brazil’s Amazon

Dear Friends of these Amazon Ministries,
FURLOUGH is defined as - “a time of change of activities that result in the recuperation of energies, and involvement in ancillary activities.” Damaris and I have been enjoying time with family and friends, and recuperating our energies along with special visits and sharing reports about the work in the Amazon. It has truly been a time of rest and a good change from our regular activities in Brazil.

FURLOUGH LIVING - We have been living with Mom Lankford and enjoying special times with her. At 95 she is in need of some help with her everyday chores, but she is still independent and talks much about many experiences in her life. It has been good for us, since we have been so far away all these years in Brazil. And these special family times are great since all of our nearby children and grandchildren, who are not very distant from Greenville, SC. Mom´s home is a special place and we are glad to be near her, and we try to keep our travel´s so that we can be with her some every week with special travel on United Airlines through our son, Tim (who also lives with his wife, Samua, in a new home behind Mom).

CONSTRUCTING – We thank you who have been involved with the Mt. Zion Baptist Church construction in Itacoatiara. Pastor Terres and his congregation are continuing with the new metallic roof now in place, and stuccoing the walls, and improvements on the property. Also, some work is continuing on the Sunday School classroom building, and the recently started pastors house. Pray for this continuing work, and the salvation of souls as a result of this new ministry. We are planning a trip soon to accelerate this project with some of your financial gifts.

CAMP MARANATHA – Along with having a new family living at the camp (on a temporary basis), we want to continue helping to raise funds to finish the construction of the recreation and snack bar area started last year. It would be great to have the steel roof in place for our camping season January through March, 2014. This project will take about $9500.00 to complete. It will give another area for small group meetings, videos, games, and 
competition among the teams at camp. Also, a well staffed and equipped snack bar will really benefit afternoon and evening activities during the camping programs. We are trusting the Lord to help us complete this project by January so it will be usable by the campers and staff.
ORGANIZATION & REORGANIZATION – of camping programs and staffing is always critical. We thank the Lord for those who have shown a special interest in this ministry: for the operation, and functionality of the ministry along with the local churches around the camp. You may recall that we organized a Maranatha Camp Counsel to 
assist in the programing and development along with the mission station. Please pray that these men and women may be used of God to effectively assist in developing and directing this ministry for God´s glory! We, and the mission family in the Amazon, need to know the Lord´s leading for serving youth and churches in these latter years.

FUTURE TRAVELS – A six month furlough every two years will not allow us to visit all of you, our supporters, but these months we will be traveling in Michigan, Indiana, California, Virginia, and South Carolina. And we are encouraged by your interest in us and these ministries! We thank the Lord for you who have continued to be involved with us these years in praying and help with these projects. And although we are retiring from Baptist Mid Missions, we are continuing in the work - returning to Brazil in November, living and working at Camp 
Maranatha, and helping the Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Itacoatiara. BMM will continue serving in the same way, too, with receiving funds for our ministry, handling taxes and government liaison, and maintaining your church mission interests. Pray with us for these changes and our Amazon projects! Thank you for your prayers and support for 
Damaris and me, personally, too. We look forward to seeing many of you, before we return to the field, this Fall.

Sincerely for CHRIST in the AMAZON,
Robert & Damaris Lankford