Monday, April 25, 2011

Inauguration of Filadelphia Baptist Church - April 16, 2011

New building of Filadelphia Baptist Church

Entering the church

Bob leading the choir

Front door of the church

One of our pastors

 Special presentation

17 April 2011
Dear Friends,

“Can you read the sixth line down?”  “Yes he said with a big smile…I can read H, L D P, V, W.  It was the eye chart at 20 feet and Antônio was so glad he could read it that well.  Dr. Dave, a paramedic with a team of University students, helped outfit over 124 patients with their first (or better) glasses this past month.  The trip took us to 12 settlements on this Uraria river system – many places that have a small Baptist chapel or meeting house among the families.  One man, Manuel, came running to hug me and said, “I was sure you were Pr. Roberto when I saw you walking to the church,”…He was from another church down at Lago Tucunaré.  We haven´t been able to go to that church in more than fifteen years, though.  We had many things to talk about and he was glad to tell me that his family is fine and helping in the church.

Although we helped the doctors, nurses, and college students in translating from English to Portuguese, at the same time some of the group were telling and dramatizing the stories of Jonah and Daniel.  Others helped with a portable sonograph machine, testing, and dispensing medicines to those being treated.  I was greatly impressed by the work of this team and their dedication to help our Brazilian friends along these rivers.   This trip was organized by Rick and Kim Parker, missionary friends near camp Maranatha on the Urubú River.  There will be a slide show on our website:

We are back in Itacoatiara now and working with the Philadelphia Baptist Church.  On April 16 we had the Dedication of our new building.   Over 240 people from the other churches in Itacoatiara and Lindoia participated even though it was a rainy and stormy Saturday.  The Berea Baptist Church of Hiddenite, NC, has helped in this project.  Pastor Cook and our friends from the US have adopted this congregation, giving special offerings and even sent a team of builders.

The rains do not seem to stop in the Amazon this year.  Neither do the blessings.  God has been so good to us.  Just last week our highway near the camp caved in with erosion - more than an eighty foot drop to a river.  There was room for small cars to pass for a time.  It took us seven hours to arrive in Manaus instead of four.  Then we went on to Presidente Figueiredo by bus to attend the All Brazil Baptist Church Conference.  Pastors and missionaries from many states of Brazil attended and the fellowship and messages were wonderful.

God blessed our camping season this year with about 300 campers.  Several decisions were made.  And we want to thank you who sponsored young people to attend these weeks of camp.  You will find some of these children on our website – those whose lives you have touched and changed.  Our theme this year was The Practice of our Christian Faith.

Thanks again for your prayers and support of our ministry – If you can check our website, our daughter, Crystal has included updates from this year´s camps and the dedication of the church, too.

Sincerely for Christ in the Amazon,
Bob and Damaris Lankford
Serving with Baptist Mid Missions
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